Memories of Listening to AFN

Back when AFN was still in the airwaves here in Central Holland, I listened a lot. Unfortunately I didn't record its broadcasts often. Luckily, I still have the soundbytes on this page!

Video 32nd Farewell in 1993


American Country Countdown
AFN Soesterberg
AP Network News
News By Satellite
My Kind of Country
Power Radio
Rock Calendar
AFN Soesterberg where the music is red hot
This is AFN Europe

Public Service Announcements

Keep the Base Clean
Road Trip to Belgium
Message from the Chaplain
Eagles Nest Recreational Center
End of Day
Fraud, Waste and Abuse
What does GI stand for?
Picking up the latest edition, Joe?
I don't want to be nobody's lollipop!
That Orange juice it really hit the spot.
Learning to play Golf
Tug of War

Radio Soundbytes

Bob Kingsley, presenter American Country Countdown
Request on Z-FM